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Our goal is to make your business stand apart from the rest. You learned How We Do It in the What We Do section so now we'll detail the services we offer:



Ever had a month in your personal life where the credit card purchases were more than the money earned? Businesses have the same problem but normally run enterprise software and systems that make life much more complex than logging into a bank account to see what purchases haven't been paid. Running a good and profitable business requires keen insight. Our analytics tools make your business more profitable by digging into your business data to find patterns and processes that can help or hinder your business. We then break the complex explanations into extremely simple reports that give you the insight you always wanted.

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Process Optimization

People are the cornerstone of any business, but technology changes so quickly that people processes are sometimes left behind. After our analytics gurus give the required insights, we research and optimize your existing business processes so they fit and enhance changes in technology.

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Software Customization

Big companies take a one size fits all approach. We custom build software around your existing applications so they fit your business needs - some simple and others complex. We make software fit your organization like a glove.

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Application Development

Save Money! Custom design tools that specifically fit your software needs. We build custom software from scratch to fit your business needs.

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Data Shipping

Anyone who has purchased something on Amazon knows how shipping works. From point A to B as quick as possible. Secure sending of data from point A to B works very similar in the EDI data exchange world. We securely send and receive encrypted data using HL7 & ANSI standards which are perfect for Healthcare and EMS (emergency services). We also process and move flat file data with SQL Server ETL seen in many industries like aerospace and SOA environments. Not sure if we can help your situation? Contact us.

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Data Warehousing

We collect and centralize data in one place no matter the number of disparate systems. We can collect, organize, and maintain your data so you can focus on what you know best; running the business.

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Mobile Data

Mobile Data comes in many forms, but all mobile data should lead to more efficiency. If your work takes you to the middle of nowhere, we'll help find a way to get your data where and when you need it.

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Project Management

Completing projects on time and within budget is crucial. We ensure your project will not go stale.

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Server Management

Managing servers in the office has become a full time job for even the smallest of offices, but many offices are confused by all the cloud and virtual server terminology. Add unexpected associated billing charges and it becomes extremely frustrating for the business much less learning then deploying and running servers. Let X3 research, plan, and move your servers to the cloud with little to no downtime.

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